When brains descend upon you

Sufferers of “mental illness”, ever feel like you are the prisoner of your own brain? Well

“When brains descend upon you.”

I wish someone could tell me properly how my brain works

the deepness of its neurological mechanisms

I couldnt possibly comprehend it

every day a new phenomenon is born

everyday an old brain is torn

we beg gods for mercy

but the real god is our brains

I’m at the mercy of

delusional dualism

dimensional egotistical quantities

insanity is denial in disguise

some people are not aware of their own mental hiccups

what lurks..

I know inside me that there is a great evil

the earth’s crust is symbolic of our mental upheavals

volcanic eruptions are symbolic of our neurons misfiring 

the influence of our environments

Im pretty sure we were all born toxic

some of us are just better at hiding it.

logic is fallible

emotions control us the most

we are victims of victims of countless other victims

its impossible to exist alone

superiority is a disease 

somewhere along the line “I” died.