All in all….

Had a great time at mcm expo! Just wanted to say thanks to all those that visited my table over the weekend and brought a comic/comics I really appreciate the support. 🙂

Issue 2 is available to buy online now

The webcomic version has been updated recently:

Already got started on Chapter 3! Its release date is set for October/September 2013! (The print version).


Drawing again, got my mojo back finally. Managed to get two pages drawn…argh tiredxD

Scheduling Stampede issue #3 for September or October. It’s going to be a very long chapter but a fun one hopefully. Will get to see more of Sovereign and will delve more into Ryam and Jessica’s past. Will also bring to light some other things such as drug abuse and inequality and how it effects one’s education…..

Yeah so alot. I’m looking forward to drawing all these intense scenes also.

There’s going to be so much drama in this.

There’s still so much I got to say.


London super comic con-February 2013 (my first time selling comics)

First photo is me!!! XD

Then my friend Asabi who was helping me out on the saturday and then my friend Neelam who was helping me out on sunday. Ela, one of the characters in my comic is based on my friend Neelam as you can see xD

The last picture was my first commission ^^ The cosplayer was really pleased with it.



I added 7 pages to the webcomic version today. Can be read here BUT-

*STAMPEDE (ONLINE VERSION) IS NOW OFFICIALLY ON HIATUS FOR ABOUT A MONTH AND THREE WEEKS.* (meaning no new pages will be uploaded online not until June)

While I get the print version of issue 2 (chapter 2) sorted… The print version is going to be out in May!!!

Once the print version is out and mcm london expo is over I will upload the rest of chapter 2 online and then roll on chapter 3. ^^

Mcm london expo is on the last weekend of may I will be selling Issue 1 and 2 of Stampede there.

Thanks so much for reading this comic!

Much love to you all xx


I will be attending London mcm expo as a comic exhibitor for the first time ever! 🙂 I will be selling Stampede issue 1 and other related Stampede stuff! I’m also aiming to get Stampede issue 2 out in time for expo, hopefully I will be able to!  Looking forward to this! ^.^

I’m also sharing my table with another exhibitor called backwards burd. (My uni’s illustration society.)

Also I’ve updated Stampede recently, feel free to check it out here: 😀