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Really just wanted to say Hi…!! :)

I hate going through long periods of complete silence and lack of updates but expect that from me from the next coming months.

Stampede webcomic update 26/03/2014

I know right!? Like finally! If you are up to

London mcm expo October complete!

Hey all! Just wanted to say thanks to all those that visited my table and brought a my comics, merch etc Thank you, thankyou

Some changes!

Some improvements have been made on the webcomic version of Stampede… Firstly it has a new url:

Stampede updates are back! 06/06/2013 Now updating/uploading pages for chapter 3 every week f

London Mcm Expo 2013

DAY 1-LONDON MCM EXPO Had a great day! It was briliant. Also got an awesome fan art pic of Jessica from a fellow artist name

Stampede issue 2

Stampede issue 2 the second book finally!!!!! Smh been losing sleep over it so glad its finally here! 😀

Stampede update (21/04/2013) but now officially on hiatus.

I added 7 pages to the webcomic version today. Can be read here BUT- *STAMPEDE (ONLINE

London mcm Expo (may 24-26th)

I will be attending London mcm expo as a comic exhibitor for the first time ever! 🙂 I will be sell

Stampede update (online)

Preview shot! Added a few new pages of Stampede online including new chap page 🙂 Chapter 2 is starting now, check it! http: