Here are some pictures of how the comic selling went at the event London super comic convention (15th -16th march) featuring BackwardsBurd!

On March 15th Saturday, me and Daniel from Backwardsburd table shared. Not only did we sell comics and merch we also drew sloth commissions for attendees. The sloths were surprisingly popular! 🙂

Daniel’s sloth customers:

Check out BackwardsBurd work here! I’ve also had some of my work featured in their magazines. I watched them steadily grow during my last year at university and now they are flourishing! They are one of my fav comics groups! 🙂

Part 2 (Sunday 16th) coming soon!


Just a reminder! :00

I’m going to be exhibiting at London super comic convention this weekend!

London super comic con was the first con I exhibited at. I had one book last time, this time I will have three 🙂

For anyone that wants to take a trip down memory lane with me. I wrote a blog post on it last year

So to anyone thats going, see you there! 😀


London super comic con-February 2013 (my first time selling comics)

First photo is me!!! XD

Then my friend Asabi who was helping me out on the saturday and then my friend Neelam who was helping me out on sunday. Ela, one of the characters in my comic is based on my friend Neelam as you can see xD

The last picture was my first commission ^^ The cosplayer was really pleased with it.


London super comic con was great!!!

Thanks to all those who came to visit me/brought stuff/looked at work/complimented it etc I really appreciate it!!

I’m very exhausted, it was my first time selling comics and I was amazed at the response I received! Extremely humbled! Thanks so much!