Ok so Stampede online updates are back! Sort of >.> I will be updating every two weeks from now on. There’s just too much going on at the moment! But I’m still drawing so no worries…just don’t have the time to do the update every week thing anymore. Apologies!

So check out the last update here: http://www.stampedethewebcomic.com/

Or if you are a member on mangamagazine, Stampede is on there as well: http://www.mangamagazine.net/read-manga/Stampede-Jessicas-story/2815/0/0?lang=en


Stampede vs Sovereign!!! Their fight will conclude in issue/chap 4 soon!! ^^^^ 


Hey all! Just wanted to say thanks to all those that visited my table and brought a my comics, merch etc Thank you, thankyou 🙂

I really appreciate the support, hope to see you all again soon!

I have a few regrets like not being as friendly as I perhaps should have been to people. (Tiredness had gotten to me in the end sorry. If you saw me staring at you angrily/rudely please dont take it personally it really wasnt intentional lol.) >.>  Some pics of the event. Me on sat cosplaying the vocaloid Luka. (I’m also a cosplayer.):


Me on Sun, with my friend Neelam. I was cosplaying Sovereign from Stampede. Also Ela from Stampede is based on my friend Neelam: 



Also got this artist fan art pic from one of my fav comic artists Shazleen Khan


😀 Overall Mcm expo was a great event, Ive attended it many times before but this one was my second time selling. Hope to do it again sometime! ^.^


Some improvements have been made on the webcomic version of Stampede…

Firstly it has a new url: www.stampedethewebcomic.com

And I have added a character page:



And a gallery page: http://www.stampedethewebcomic.com/gallery/

Also I have now added Stampede issue 3 to my online store.

So if you would prefer to buy it, its available here:


Oh and also got some Stampede keychains to sell at london mcm expo but I will add one of these for free for each comic purchase from my store. Just let me know what keychain you would like before checkout! Or note me after that is if you have a preference. It will also be given away for free with any brought purchase of my comic at mcm october london expo. xD



I added 7 pages to the webcomic version today. Can be read here http://stampedegirl.thewebcomic.com/ BUT-

*STAMPEDE (ONLINE VERSION) IS NOW OFFICIALLY ON HIATUS FOR ABOUT A MONTH AND THREE WEEKS.* (meaning no new pages will be uploaded online not until June)

While I get the print version of issue 2 (chapter 2) sorted… The print version is going to be out in May!!!

Once the print version is out and mcm london expo is over I will upload the rest of chapter 2 online and then roll on chapter 3. ^^

Mcm london expo is on the last weekend of may I will be selling Issue 1 and 2 of Stampede there.

Thanks so much for reading this comic!

Much love to you all xx