I know right!? Like finally!

If you are up to date, new pages start here:

Phew cant believe its already been three months since I updated the webcomic version.
Anyways, I’m now drawing every night. Which is why I’m up at 5:11am. My eyes hurt but I was so desperate to get this out and finished. I will rest later. Appreciate my nocturnal friends being around, one of them helped me decide on sound effects for this update. Drawing these pages was pretty challenging. Sovereign vs Stampede fight, has dragged on because of my absence.. but its reached its conclusion now.


Stampede: Jessica’s Story at Free range with Backwards Burd-(University East London’s illustration society.)

I will try to get some more pics tomorrow or on Monday of some other artwork in the exhibition. It’s so huge though! xD


Free range is a graduate art show, it showcases degree work from uni’s all across london. My uni is also exhibiting there and Stampede: Jessica’s story has been showcased. The private viewing was yesterday. Now from 28 june onwards to 1st july the show will be open to the public!!

I’m so sorry this is short notice, I didn’t know anything about it till’ last minute. But today I will be there sometime in afternoon till 7pm. Our exhibit is in the basement on hanbury street. (91 brick lane)The art show is huge!!!

I will be standing next to some comics (I have some pictures of our exhibit and will add them here after this post).

Its open from 10 am till 7pm! 

For more info check here:


London super comic con-February 2013 (my first time selling comics)

First photo is me!!! XD

Then my friend Asabi who was helping me out on the saturday and then my friend Neelam who was helping me out on sunday. Ela, one of the characters in my comic is based on my friend Neelam as you can see xD

The last picture was my first commission ^^ The cosplayer was really pleased with it.


Felt like doing something fun with photography. So I took a picture of myself and started editing it on photoshop. For some reason I sort of went into Barbara kruger’s style. I’m a huge fan of her work! Mainly because I like bold statements.

The final pic: 

Barbara Kruger’s work:

I’m also a huge fan of the photographer Francesca Woodman.

Her work inspired this photo (I made it in 2011):

Francesca Woodman’s artwork:

A drawing of mine, Munch style:


Not sure what inspired this pic below, probably dark stuff. Since I absorb so many negative emotions from so many people this drawing I made is just a representation of my agonizing empath “gift.”