Really just wanted to say Hi…!! :)

I hate going through long periods of complete silence and lack of updates but expect that from me from the next coming months.

London Super Comic Con March the 16th 2014

On March the 16th (sunday) of super comic con, I was table selling on my own! However my good friend and fellow creator Tamara

London Super Comic Con March the 15th 2014 photoset (Part one).

Here are some pictures of how the comic selling went at the event London super comic convention (15th -16th march) featuring B

Stampede webcomic update 26/03/2014

I know right!? Like finally! If you are up to

London super comic convention March 15th & 16th

Just a reminder! :00 I’m going to be exhibiting at London super comic convention this weekend! London super comic con wa

Stampede showcase in UEL newspaper

More interview stuff! Me and my comic Stampede was featured in University East London’s fresher week newspaper in Septem

London mcm expo May 23-25 2014 …………!

I can now confirm that I will be selling comics at comic village during London mcm expo may 23-25 2014! http://www.mcmco

Happy new year!! Stampede update (finally!!) 1/1/2014 :)

4 page upload…Check it out! Archive:

London mcm expo October complete!

Hey all! Just wanted to say thanks to all those that visited my table and brought a my comics, merch etc Thank you, thankyou

Some changes!

Some improvements have been made on the webcomic version of Stampede… Firstly it has a new url: