Really just wanted to say Hi…!! :)

I hate going through long periods of complete silence and lack of updates but expect that from me from the next coming months. Stampede issue #4 is on hiatus (I guess that’s obvious). The release date was supposed to be in May and then I pushed it to July but it won’t be coming out in July. There has been some bad and some good changes that have forced me to put Stampede on the back-burner. Booo life. Hopefully things will settle by the middle of this year, August time and then I can finally finish all issues as planned.

Ok now for some good news, a reminder. I will be exhibiting at London Mcm Expo this weekend, hopefully with a new shiny banner if it makes it on time. It’s also my birthday on the Friday of Mcm expo. Selling comics on my birthday is going to be quite humorous and stressful, haha.

I apologize in advance to anyone that was hoping to pick up a new book from me…! So to whoever’s going and will be browsing around comic village, I am looking forward to seeing you!

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