London super Comic con Feb-23rd -24th 2013

Dont know why I took so long to update this.

I have a table at London Super Comic Con. Its all been paid for. In February 23rd- 24TH
I will be with another friend selling shiz all weekend. Ok well maybe not shiz, I will definitely be selling the first issue of Stampede at least.  And this is also part of my major final project for Illustration (uni) so I have lots of free time to work on it now. If you are around london during that time, please visit me haha :3
I will update a preview shot or something once I get the book and merchandise stuff printed/made.
I will be updating Stampede like mad until then so look out for updates
Thats it, thanks for reading!

Lots of people been complimenting Stampede lately so just wanted to say, thanks alot for the support everyone 🙂

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