London mcm expo October complete!

Hey all! Just wanted to say thanks to all those that visited my table and brought a my comics, merch etc Thank you, thankyou 🙂

I really appreciate the support, hope to see you all again soon!

I have a few regrets like not being as friendly as I perhaps should have been to people. (Tiredness had gotten to me in the end sorry. If you saw me staring at you angrily/rudely please dont take it personally it really wasnt intentional lol.) >.>  Some pics of the event. Me on sat cosplaying the vocaloid Luka. (I’m also a cosplayer.):


Me on Sun, with my friend Neelam. I was cosplaying Sovereign from Stampede. Also Ela from Stampede is based on my friend Neelam: 



Also got this artist fan art pic from one of my fav comic artists Shazleen Khan


😀 Overall Mcm expo was a great event, Ive attended it many times before but this one was my second time selling. Hope to do it again sometime! ^.^

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