Comics of the future-Creating a wide range of things I can be proud of

That will help inspire the next generation.

To let them know that they are not inferior and that no human is more superior than the other.

Superiority is poison. It has ruined thousands of lives. Time to let it go.

Ok where am I going with this?

I was thinking about the sort of comics I’d like to create in the future. My fav comics are the uncut realistic ones. The comic series Love and Rockets by Jaime Hernandez is a perfect example of that. I’ve only just started out with Stampede, by basing it in my home town. What I’ve noticed about mainstream media is that they dont care about accurate representation. They only care about appealing to the masses. Which is understandable. This is why I love the indie scene, indie comics, indie hip hop you name it. Indie artists are there to fill in what the mainstream is lacking. Cant deny that people are getting sick of the mainstream now. Most people are turning to the internet to look for something different. Something diverse ..something that will accurately portray them and their lives. Something they can relate to at least, you know.

I must admit I’m always looking for something out there that can give me insight into other people’s lives regardless of gender etc whatever. However sometimes I want to see something that I can relate to or even something as simple as seeing a character who looks somewhat like me. For example my fav web series ”Awkward black girl,” fulfills that desire for me every-time. Personality wise I don’t have much in common with Awkward black girl but I can relate to her awkwardness, being black and the inter-racial dating parts especially. 

I really appreciate it and it has made me think…I want to create a number of comics in the future that people of all cultures, race etc can relate to, too.

That leads into racial representation. In the future I want to make comics portraying people of all sub-cultures, races accurately. Nothing heavy of course, just stories about people that other people will be able to relate to. Even if it is based on something as simple as race. The character’s skin.

This should not be a controversial thing to do. I suppose those “colour-blind” people will get a bit annoyed about this because they dont see why there’s a need to single one race out. ¬_¬ To be honest, I dont get why race is such a controversial subject either, its there and we keep brushing it under the carpet. Yet everyone talks about it so secretly now. In fact if I was to make a comic with a black cast only I dont see why it should put anyone from another race off from reading. Especially if you read japanese comics all the time.

I grew up in an extremely multi-cultural part of England, yet grew up confused about where I stood racially, my mum never bothered to explain the ridiculous concept of race to me or how it would effect me. Despite being brought up english I did not feel english, those people/actors, presenters I saw on tv did not look like me. Comparing yourself to others is human nature. Growing a healthy black identity took a long while, and I had to help my sister as well. Surprisingly enough Japanese comics/animation helped me alot by distracting me from all the confusion. Those terrible hip-hop videos I was forced to endure while growing up did not help at all. Rather it made me realize how sexist society was as well. I compared myself to the cartoons I was seeing rather than real people instead.

Alternative media is needed. Seriously. More and more kids with the same background as me are growing up here in England going through the same bullshit and confusion I went through. I want to be a role-model for them and I will do whatever it takes to be one. 

Dont ever be ashamed of your skin, or where you are from. Dont ever let anyone tell you that you are inferior and not equal. Every part of you is unique and everyone has a unique story to tell. That’s what us writers, creators,musicians etc are there for, to show/portray that uniqueness in all of us. This is why I want to continue to make realistic stories just like how my fav Japanese manga artists do. Keep it real, keep telling it as it is. Tell people they are not alone and that each of us is connected.

Every pain, every hurt, every scream I feel. Every suffering…I cant save everyone. We cant save everyone, but each of us can make a small difference. If we reach out often enough. I cried while writing this because I feel that strongly about it. Please wish me luck for the future!