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Chantelle Awere

My name is Chantelle Awere but I am formerly known as artist “Eternalbeliever/Eternalbeliever12”. I spent most of my childhood watching cartoons, Japanese animations and reading fictional books. It has had a heavy influence on me and is a style I've chosen to stick with as a comic artist and illustrator. In year 2012 July, I started my first self published comic called, “Stampede: Jessica’s story.” It is a story about youth violence, inequality and teenage gang crime, specifically in South London where I grew up. It is currently still ongoing and makes up the bulk of my work. If I'm not working on that I'm drawing illustrations, sometimes about social issues that have affected me or others personally. Art is my catharsis and I use it mainly as a source of emotional release than financial gain. On occasion I like to dabble in photography and film for self expression. My aim is to draw different types of stories, to tell the stories of voices that never get heard. To give those that are suffering something they can relate to and to let them know they are not alone.